Raats Family Wines are specialists in the crafting of exceptional wines from Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. It is their mission to consistently produce Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc of outstanding quality from South Africa and to establish these wines as international benchmarks.

“Bruwer Raats may well be the most exciting and forward-thinking winemaker in Stellenbosch at the moment. No…make that IS the most exciting and forward-thinking winemaker” – Said by Neal Martin (Oct 2014)

Here’s what wine maker, Bruwer Raats had to say in our recent Q & A:

1. How did your career as a wine maker start and where did you train?
I did not choose winemaking as a career, it chose me. I trained at Elsenberg College and did some harvests in Napa, Germany, Tuscany and Bordeaux.

2. How long have you been the wine maker at Raats Wines?
18 years.

3. Which cultivar lies close to your heart?
Chenin Blanc/ Cabernet Franc.

4. What makes Raats Wines special?
We believe in quality by design, therefore everything we do is to constantly improve the quality of our wines.

5. What do you do when you’re not between the vineyards or in the cellar?
I spend time with my three sons – Daneel, Joshua and Samuel.

6. If your favourite wine had to be described as a person, how would you describe them?
Intelligent and complex, with elegance and style.

7. What is your most popular wine?
Haut Brion and Cheval Blanc.

8. Are you a wine-drinking purist or do you also enjoy beer and other drinks?
Absolutely, it is very simple. I drink wine, coffee and water.

9. What is the best way for people to try to learn more about wine?
To experiment and drink more wine.

10. What is your favourite wine of all time?
DRC 2005.

11. If you could choose any 5 people to have for dinner who would they be and why?
– Einstein
– General Jan Smuts
– Nelson Mandela
– Sir George Grey
– Ernest Hemmingway