Q&A with winemaker – Thistle and Weed

October, 2017|Winemakers|

A group of friends created Thistle and Weed in 2015 as an opportunity to express their creativity, get their hands dirty and craft small batch wines from the distant nooks and crannies of the Cape. We asked one of their winemakers, Stephanie, to share more [...]

Goat’s Cheese and Broad Bean Fritatta

February, 2017|Recipes|

You’ll need 250g peas [you can use freshly podded baby broad beans, a mixture of green beans] 1 onion – thinly sliced extra virgin olive oil 150g fresh firm goats cheese 4 eggs 4 Tbs chopped fresh parsley sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. [...]

Kitchen Cake

February, 2017|Recipes|

This was the cake of my childhood, there was almost always one in a tin in the pantry and we were given a slice at tea time.  The preparation was somewhat of a ritual.  The cake tin was always prepared the night before and all [...]

Lamb Shoulders Williston

February, 2017|Recipes|

You want to use Karoo lamb for this dish, as we did recently. The lamb came from Williston and there they graze on what the farmers call ‘sweet grass’. The taste of Karoo Lamb is as unique as the Salt Marsh Lamb from Harlech in [...]